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Superstore Properties Limited

Superstore Properties Limited was incorporated in 1999 and has 380 Shareholders.† Superstore owns two properties both with excellent locations, quality buildings and strong tenancies. One property has a nine year lease from 2014 to Placemakers in Cranford Street, Christchurch. The second property is leased to The Warehouse, Tauranga which has a new 10 year lease in place from October 2014.

Investment is through the purchase of shares in the company. Dividends are expected to be paid twice per year.

The Warehouse, Tauranga is located on Cameron Road, which is a main arterial route to the city and in a strong growth area. The property has high visibility and excellent access from three road frontages to 250 carparks.

Placemakers, Christchurch is located enroute between the city and northern Christchurch and services significant residential, life-style and horticultural areas. The location is ideal for Fletcher Merchantís bulk retail outlet and they have made this outlet their regional base.

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