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First NZ Properties Limited

First NZ Properties Limited was incorporated in 1995 and has 367 Shareholders.First NZ owns two properties: 15 Sheffield Crescent, Christchurch and 110 Symonds St, Auckland.

Investment is through the purchase of shares in the Company. Shareholders have benefited from good capital growth and minimum dividends of 10 cents per share, per annum, which are paid bi-annually.

15 Sheffield Crescent is on a large industrial site close to Technology Park in Christchurch. The building is predominantly industrial high stud warehouse space. The building is occupied on a 10 year lease from November 2014 by NZ Yarn Ltd who operate a processing plant converting wool into yarn for export. The yarn is used in the manufacture of carpet and the processes used by NZ Yarn have unique capabilities that allow them to be competitive and produce a quality product that is in high demand.

Vocus Communications Business Centre at 110 Symonds St, Auckland was purchased in September 2012. This twin towered, multi storey office building has multiple tenancies anchored by Vocus Communications (formerly Call Plus) .

Over the years there have been a number of changes in the composition of the properties in First NZ Properties Ltd which have provided an opportunity for capital gains for investors. The Manager has been proactive in identifying opportunities in the market to sell and replace properties to optimise the returns to investors in both capital gains and cash returns.

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